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“Ancient Astronaut (2020)”

A Mesoamerican inspired retropunk piece - sculpt display

Archaeologists uncovered, what they believe to be proof, of a “Ueuek Mixpetsoani,” or an off-worldly visitor, as translated in the last Aztec manuscripts. In weathered but pristine condition, the helmet (or death mask), dating some 148,000 BCE appears to have, even Sumerian origins, with transmigration through the millennia in Africa, Europe, Asia and settling in the Americas. A mystery, all but a final inscription remains (etched & decorated much later by the Mesoamerican custodians from the 14th c., beneath the helmet). It reads, “A warrior from Somewhere Beyond the Heavens,” and states his rank. “Imasauh in Sitlaltin”. This translates, “Deer of the Heavens,” or ... “Starbuck.”